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DV-Power – Handheld Circuit Breaker Analyzer & Timer CAT-H

Handheld Circuit Breaker Analyzer & Timer CATH is a digital instrument for circuit breakers condition assessment. CAT-H records graphs of both, open and close coil currents, timing of main arcing contacts, DC substation battery voltage.
The timing channels record closing and opening of the main contacts and can also measure the resistance value of the pre-insertion resistors (if present in the circuit breaker).
CAT-H provides an easy selection of different operating modes:
 Open (O)
 Close (C)
 Trip free (CO)
 Reclose (O-C)
 Close-Open (C-O)
 Open-Close-Open (O-C-O)
Multiple operations, such as Open-Close and Open-Close-Open, can be initiated by using a predefined delay time or by sensing a breaker’s contact position.

DV-Win software provides acquisition and analysis of the test results. Graphical presentation of a variety of measurements and timing test results uses cursors and powerful zoom functions for detailed analysis. Colors, grids, scales and positioning of the test data are all controlled by the user.

DV-Win supports an automatic unit conversion (e.g. cycles to seconds or mm to inches). The test records can be exported in .cath file format for further analysis.

 Downloading the test results from the CAT-H to PC
 Acquisition and analysis of the test results
 The test results can be viewed, edited, saved, printed and exported
 Viewing and overlaying several graphs, for an easy test result comparison
 Selecting the measurement points and intervals using the two cursors
 Zoom and pan graph feature
 Customized configuration of the test result graphs

Distributor DV-Power Handheal CAT-H di Indonesia  PT. Bintang Delta Mandiri

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