Electrom Instrumens

Electrom iTIG III

○ High Frequency Surge Test – Finds More Faults
○ Partial Discharge Test – No Accessories Required
○ Highly Accurate Leakage Current Measurement
○ No need for separate specialized hipot/megohm instrument
○ Time Saving Reporting Tools
○ Powerful Trend Analysis
○ Lightweight and Rugged Case
○ Easy-to-use Touch Screen Interface
○ Fully Automatic Test Sequences

○ Surge Comparison including
○ Phase-to-Phase
○ Pulse-to-Pulse
○ Coil-to-Coil
○ Partial Discharge (PD) including
○ RPDIV (inception voltage)
○ RPDEV (extinction voltage)
○ DC Hipot including
○ Programmable Step Voltage
○ Ramp
○ Insulation Resistance:
○ Megohm
○ Polarization Index (PI)
○ Dielectric Absorption (DAR)
○ Winding Resistance, 4-wire (µΩ)
○ Capacitance (C)
○ Inductance (L)
○ Impedance (Z)
○ Phase Angle
○ Rotor Influence Check (RIC)

Test Summaries File
Make trend analysis easy with the Test Summaries file. This file is generated by the iTIG III-Model D. At the

conclusion of each test set, the file is appended with date/time-stamped data containing test results and other info. The Test Summary file is a comma separated values (.csv) file and can be viewed, sorted and filtered in Excel or other spreadsheet formats. Users can graph multiple tests of the same motor over time to spot tends clearly.
The Test Summary screen (left) is viewable on the iTIG III and in TRPro. It displays pass/fail test results. Click tabs along the bottom row to view each test. Repeat any individual test before the test set is finalized.
The TRPro report software has powerful filtering tools that help to identify weak motors, motors that are in the wrong application, brands that do not perform well in certain applications, etc.
For example, compare test results for motors with the same or similar specifications, such as: Brand X, 4160V, 1000HP, 1775RPM, Frame#XYZ123. Using TRPro report software, filters can be set on any information
in the user’s motor database and automatically applied to the Test Summary File to determine which motors to
include in a group. Furthermore, information in the user’s motor database that is not in the Test Summary File can be selected and automatically added to the filtered Test Summary by TRPro.

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