Chauvin Arnoux

Chauvin Arnoux – CA.6474 Pylon Earth Measurement

Earth and resistivity tester Adapter for pylon earth measurements

The C.A 6474 is designed for use with the C.A 6472 earth tester to measure pylon earths

When used with the C.A 6472, the C.A 6474 allows the following types of measurements:

  • Global earth of pylons
  • Earth resistance of each of the pylon’s footings
  • Quality of the overhead protective earth cable connection
  • Active measurement (injection by the C.A 6472)
  • Passive measurement (use of stray currents)

Main technical specifications

  • measurement range: 0.001 Ω to 99.99 kΩ
  • resolution: 0.001 Ω to 10 Ω
  • voltage: 16 to 32 VRMS
  • frequency: 41 Hz to 5,018 Hz
  • ground-rod resistance measurement: 0.01 Ω to 100 kΩ
  • IP53 protection
  • dimensions: 272x250x128 mm, weight: 3.2 kg

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