DV-Power – Handheld Turns Ratio Tester TRT-H

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TRT-H is a handheld, battery operated, fully automatic test set specially designed for turns ratio, excitation current and phase shift measurements of transformers. Transformer turns ratio is determined by applying AC voltage across high voltage winding, accurately measuring AC voltage across the corresponding unloaded transformer winding, and then displaying the ratio of these voltages.
User can enter a transformer’s nameplate voltages, so that turns ratio deviation can be calculated. This feature eliminates any error otherwise caused by an operator’s manual calculation. TRT-H compares measured turns ratio with the nameplate ratio and prints out the % of error for each test.
The list of instrument application includes:
• Turns ratio measurement of distribution transformers
• Turns ratio verification of instrument transformers
• Turns ratio deviation calculation
• Excitation current measurement of distribution and instrument transformers
• Phase angle measurement of distribution and instrument transformers
• Polarity check of instrument transformers


• Unique handheld instrument on the market
• Measures 3 transformer parameters:
– Turns ratio
– Excitation current
– Phase angle
• Single-phase test voltage up to 40 V AC
• Turns ratio accuracy up to ±0.1%
• Extremely lightweight – only 1.4 kg / 3.1 lbs
• Battery-powered
• Tests single-phase and three-phase transformers

Distributor DV-Power TRT-H di Indonesia  PT. Bintang Delta Mandiri


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