DV-Power – Tahanan Kontak Handheld Micro Ohmmeters RMO-H Series

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 Handheld – only 0,95 kg / 2.1 lbs  Powerful – regulated current up to 300 A DC  No rest time needed between the tests  High-capacity Li-Po battery (2 types available): – 8200 mAh, up to 4,1 V DC (RMO-H1, -H2, -H3) – 5600 mAh, up to 8,3 V DC (RMO-H21, -H22, -H23)  Measuring range 0,1 μΩ – 3000 mΩ  Typical accuracy ± (0,1 % rdg + 0,1 % FS)  Both Sides Grounded Measurement Distributor Tahanan Kontak DV-Power RMO-H di Indonesia PT. Bintang Delta Mandiri


The RMO-H series Tahanan Kontak – battery operated and handheld micro-ohmmeters are unique solution for the contact resistance measurement of switchgears according to international standards (e.g. IEC 62271-100). RMO-H can be used for number of applications where non-inductive resistance is checked, during factory inspections or testing in the high-induction field environments. The set is equipped with the overcurrent protection.

Typical application is accurate low resistance measurement during manufacturing, commissioning and
maintenance inspections on:
 High and medium voltage Switchgears and Circuit Breakers (as per IEC 62271-100 standards)
 High and medium voltage Disconnecting Switches (as per IEC 62271-100 standards)
 High-current Busbar joints
 Terminals of the conductors on HV power lines
 Bonding of Lighting conductors

RMO-H instruments are also ideal testing tool for quality control checking during production process of
high-voltage equipment and equipment used in railway and aircraft industry:
 Welding joints
 Cable splices and cable resistance
 OLTC contacts checking (off-line, not connected to transformer)
 Railway joints, lines and conductor rails
 Bonds and joints checking in aircraft manufacturing industry

Distributor DV-PowerRMO-H di Indonesia  PT. Bintang Delta Mandiri


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