InfiRay-Kaiyang-T-Series Handheald Thermal imager with more lenses and accessories

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Main Specifications Model/Detector Resolution : T600/640×512 – T300/384×288 NETD : 35mK Lens : Standard 24°, optional 48°, 12°, 6°, etc., exchangeable Measurement Range : Standard: -20°C~+150°C (low temperature range), 0°C~410°C (medium temperature range), 300°C~650°C (high temperature range); Optional: 300°C~2,000°C Measurement Accuracy : ±2°C or ±2% of reading Digital Camera : Built-in 5-megapixel digital camera with LED indicator Laser Rangefinder : Supported Lens Focusing Mode : Manual, automatic, electric Palette : 10 palettes Setting of Temperature Measurement in Point, Line and Area : Up to 10 points, 10 boxes, and 5 lines, including maximum/minimum/average Highest/Lowest Temperature of Full Display : Supported. Capable of automatically capturing the highest/lowest temperature of full display Image Adjustment : Automatic/manual; linear or columnar; capable of locking maximum, minimum or temperature range Digital Zoom : ×1,×2,×4,×8 Image Mode : Infrared, visible light, PIP (picture-in-picture), fusion Isotherms : Supported Temperature Difference : Automatic calculate temperature difference for similar analysis Text Notes : Select text notes from the preset list and edit them in the thermal camera etc.



InfiRay Kaiyang T Series Handheld Thermal Camera is embedded with the self-developed VOx infrared detector with high performance, resolution and sensitivity. It is the first infrared thermal camera with auto-focusing function and replaceable lens. The powerful hardware configuration shines in application fields such as production equipment inspection, manufacturing process inspection, and metallurgy and chemical industry. More breakthroughs have been achieved in terms of software functions, including smart shooting (inspection task package), smart database management (picture retrieval, comparison and analysis), and smart diagnosis, providing comprehensive and efficient inspection solutions for users in the power industry.

Distributor InfiRay TSeries di Indonesia  PT. Bintang Delta Mandiri


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