Kingsine – K3163i Intelligent Protection Relay Test Set

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Basic Functions
● Universal Relay Test Applications
● 10 Channels (6x35A & 4x310V) outputs, Each output channels are independent and simultaneous control of magnitude, Phase angle and frequency values, able to inject DC, AC sine wave and up to 60x harmonics.
● 13 Low-level channels outputs up to 8Vac/10Vdc max.
● 100/1000Mbit Fiber port for SMV and GOOSE simulations
● Variable battery simulator, DC 0-350V, 140Watts max.
● Transient play back up to 3KHz
● Fully function KRT software testing modules
● Graphical test modules and templates for testing of various relays
● Quick relay testing facility in Manual mode
● Shot/Search/Check, Point & Click testing
● RIO/XRIO import & export facility
● Switch on to fault test(SOTF)
● Power system model for dynamic testing
● Online Vector display
● Automatic test results assume
● Automatic test report creation
● Inbuilt GPS and IRIG-B sync end-to-end testing
● Anti-clipping detect, Wrong wiring connect alarm and self-protect, overload and overheat protection
● 3-Years guarantee of free repair and life-long maintenance
● Lightweight, <18Kg ● Free software upgrade Distributor Kingsine K3163i di Indonesia PT. Bintang Delta Mandiri

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K3163i’s standard type pc software package include three parts of KRT SOFTWARE as follows

1.Basic Modules(Free): AC test, Ramping, State Sequencer, Harmonic,Frequency Test, TransPlay

2.Advanced Modules(Free) : Distance, Overcurrent, Zero Sequence,Differential, Harmonic Restrain, Reclose, Synchronizer, Power Swing, TCS Relay 3. Test Plan of KRT(Free): herein functions as same as Protection Testing Library(PTL) of Omicron which auto read test templates converted from XRIO file of all relays by one key operation

Distributor Kingsine K3163i di Indonesia  PT. Bintang Delta Mandiri


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