Electrom Instruments- Static Motor Tester and Winding Analyzer iTIG III

○ Surge Comparison including
○ Phase-to-Phase
○ Pulse-to-Pulse
○ Coil-to-Coil
○ Partial Discharge (PD) including
○ RPDIV (inception voltage)
○ RPDEV (extinction voltage)
○ DC Hipot including
○ Programmable Step Voltage
○ Ramp
○ Insulation Resistance:
○ Megohm
○ Polarization Index (PI)
○ Dielectric Absorption (DAR)
○ Winding Resistance, 4-wire (µΩ)
○ Capacitance (C)
○ Inductance (L)
○ Impedance (Z)
○ Phase Angle
○ Rotor Influence Check (RIC)

Distributor Electrom Instrumens iTIGIII di Indonesia PT. Bintang Delta Mandiri


The iTIG III is the industry’s most advanced electric motor tester and winding analyzer. Bringing confidence to motor
repair companies, industrial end users, OEMs, and manufacturers of rotating equipment, the iTIG III features over
20 high- and low-voltage tests including high frequency surge and partial discharge.

Choose multiple tests to run automatically in a sequence or select single tests. Report results with the easiest to
use instrument available. Manually operate voltage dial or set up for automatic operation. Carry the iTIG III in the
field or use it as a benchtop device. Connect to an external portable power pack for testing up to 40kV. The iTIG
III is the most versatile and easy-to-use tester available.

○ High Frequency Surge Test – Finds More Faults
○ Partial Discharge Test – No Accessories Required
○ Highly Accurate Leakage Current Measurement
○ No need for separate specialized hipot/megohm instrument
○ Time Saving Reporting Tools
○ Powerful Trend Analysis
○ Lightweight and Rugged Case
○ Easy-to-use Touch Screen Interface
○ Fully Automatic Test Sequences

Distributor Electrom Instrumens iTIGIII di Indonesia  PT. Bintang Delta Mandiri



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