Handheld Acoustic Imaging Camera

The FOTRIC TD3 series are a simple and practical acoustic
imagers, primarily utilized for detecting gas leaks under
pressure in factories, partial discharges from electrical
equipment, and mechanical vibrations from industrial
equipment among other anomalies.
This product is lightweight, and its handheld design adheres to
ergonomic standards, making operation straightforward and
user-friendly, requiring no training! It’s an invaluable tool for
engineers to swiftly pinpoint gas leak sources.
The FOTRIC TD3 cameras are equipped with 96 built-in MEMS
digital microphones, capable of visually displaying ultrasonic
information with precision, even within noisy industrial
environments, generating accurate acoustic images. The
acoustic image overlays in real time onto a visible digital
image, enabling users to accurately identify the source of
defects. This ensures a consistent supply of pressurized gas,
reduces unnecessary gas loss, enhances product quality and
operational efficiency, all while ensuring safety in production.

Gas Leak Detectio

Gas leaks represent a common challenge faced by various factories, including leaks of compressed gas,
flammable gas, toxic gas, corrosive gas, and inert gas among others. Leaks of compressed gas can lead to
substantial energy waste and may even cause equipment downtime, increasing factory production costs
and risks. Leaks of flammable or toxic gases can create safety hazards, potentially leading to fires and posing
threats to personal health, while also causing negative environmental impacts.

FOTRIC’s acoustic imagers can assist users in efficiently, intuitively, and accurately locating leak sources,
alerting users to take timely measures to prevent further losses.

Electrical Partial Discharge Detection

FOTRIC’s acoustic imagers identify and locate discharge sources by detecting sound wave signals produced
by partial discharges from high-voltage equipment, power cables, insulators, and other devices. This assists
maintenance personnel in promptly discovering and handling potential electrical faults, thereby ensuring
the consistent and safe operation of power equipment.



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