DV Power

True Three-Phase Transformer Turns Ratio Tester TRT400

 Single-phase test voltages up to 430 V AC
 True three-phase test voltages up to 3×250√3V AC
 Turns ratio range 0,8 – 50 000
 The best turns ratio accuracy of 0,03%
 Large 7” graphical touch screen display
 Automatic vector group detection
 Built-in tap changer control unit
 Interchangeable test leads with Three-phase Winding Ohmmeters & Tap Changer
Analyzers TWA

The list of instrument application includes:
 Turns ratio measurement
 Turns ratio deviation calculation
 Excitation current measurement
 Phase angle measurement
 Automatic vector group detection
 Verification of demagnetization process
 Magnetic balance test

Distributor DV-Power TRT400 di Indonesia  PT. Bintang Delta Mandiri

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